Three New Harry Potter Books Will Be Released Before Christmas And We Can’t Wait To Get Our Muggle Mitts On Them

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Three New Harry Potter Books Will Be Released Before Christmas And We Can’t Wait To Get Our Muggle Mitts On Them


Three new Harry Potter books will be released next month, and two of them are pop-ups!

Photo: Warner BrosOnce again, another September the 1st has come and gone and still no letter from Hogwarts, with only J.K Rowling’s twitter feed and fantasising about trips to Harry Potter World to get us through the years of disappointment, we’re in need of a fix from the wizarding world.

Thankfully, three new books dedicated to the series have just been announced, and although they haven’t been written by J.K Rowling, they still sound pretty magical!

The books, which will act as companion pieces to the much-loved (bit of an understatement) series, will be released from October and could be just the thing to tide us over until we get our letters, or at least until Fantastic Beasts hits cinemas in November.

Harry Potter: A Pop-up Guide To Hogwarts
by Matthew Reinhart

Photo: Amazon

Described as an ‘exhilarating, interactive guide to the iconic school of witchcraft and wizardry’, the pop-up book (YES) features spectacular re-creations of key locations inside and outside Hogwarts castle, as well as the castle and its grounds—including the Quidditch pitch and the Forbidden Forest. Numerous mini-pops will also bring beloved elements from the films to life, such as the Marauder’s Map and the Flying Ford Anglia. 

Release date: November 1.
Price: £32.50
Pre-order here.

Harry Potter Creatures
A Paper Scene Book
by Warner Bros

Photo: Amazon

Readers are invited to embrace their inner Hagrid with this pop-up homage to the series’ magical creatures featuring four intricate, multilayer dioramas that capture beloved moments from the films. From Harry’s pulse-pounding battle with the Hungarian Horntail dragon to his encounter with Thestrals in the Forbidden Forest, each pop-up is laser die-cut for precision and gorgeously detailed. And every scene is followed by essential information about the creatures and fun, behind-the-scenes facts from the films.

Release date: November 1.
Price: £25
Pre-order here.

Harry Potter: Imagining Hogwarts
A Beginners Guide To Moviemaking
by Bryan Michael Stoller

Photo: Amazon

If you’re as thrilled by the filmmaking process as you are by the stories themselves, then this is definitely one for you. Described as ‘fun, creative, and inspiring’, Imagining Hogwarts is the first in a new series that teaches about bringing a world to life through filmEach chapter is dedicated to a different element of the process from directing, storyboarding and set design to prop making and costuming, and includes activities that foster understanding of what goes into making the films.

Release date: October 30
Price: £15.42
Pre-order here

We know what we’ll be asking Father Christmas for this year!


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