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Nando’s Is Hosting Free Weekly Celebrity Cooking Classes So You Can Make Peri-Peri At Home

By Laura Rogan

There are some brilliant special guests!

In case you were looking to spice up your evenings with something other than all the pasta you stockpiled, Nando’s is launching a highly entertaining series of cooking classes to help you broaden your horizons in the kitchen – and they even feature celebrity guests.

Credit: Nando’s

Featuring the likes of rapper Aitch and Man U’s Jesse Lingard, the new classes will be led by Nando’s Head Chef, Tim, live and direct from his kitchen and cooking up a proper storm for Nando’s fans to recreate at home.

The episodes will take place on a weekly basis, where fans will be able to watch and follow as Tim creates classic menu items that people are guaranteed to be missing as their restaurants are closed. The first episode will see Tim showing us the secrets behind the Peri-Peri chicken thighs, finished off with spicy rice and macho peas. That’s tea sorted!

The live six-part series kicks off tonight, Thursday 23rd April at 7pm, and will take place each Thursday on Nando’s Instagram page.

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[Featured image: Nando’s]