FLASH SALE: Tickets For Mario Kart-Inspired Go Karting Are Now Just £29 Instead Of £50

Laura O'Neill Laura O'Neill

FLASH SALE: Tickets For Mario Kart-Inspired Go Karting Are Now Just £29 Instead Of £50

Fever has cut the priced of the Mario Kart-inspired Mushroom Rally by more than 40 per cent.

Fever is offering an exclusive discount for users; Mushroom Rally, the Mario Kart-inspired go-karting experience taking place near Manchester, is currently available on the app for just £29 instead of £50.

As racing experiences go, this one’s a Peach. In February, a real-life version of Mario Kart will be speeding to Manchester, aiming to bring you all the thrills and spills of the video game – though thankfully without the sheer, nightmarish terror of tackling Rainbow Road. The Mushroom Rally will get you dressed up as your favourite Mario characters, before letting you loose on a custom-built go-kart track where you’ll duel your friends for the title of best Italian plumber-turned race car driver.

The Mushroom Rally experience, already well-established in Australia, will be stopping off in eight UK cities, including a stop in Manchester on February 2 2019. Since you can’t fire projectiles at one another (for obvious health and safety reasons), the verisimilitude of the whole experience does get a little bit lost. Still, it looks like a right lark, and it’s a decent approximation of the game, so we’ll give it a chance.


During the race, you’ll outpace your friends to claim a spot on the podium – which will earn you a shiny Mario trophy (and eternal glory, natch), along with a themed post-race party. There’s a bigger prize on offer for the champions of each city; a winner-takes-all race to decide the UK champion, which will net them a trip to Las Vegas. Just remember: no matter how hard you wish for it, there’s no rocket to catapult you from last to first. Best get practising then, hadn’t you?

Tickets are now priced at £29 instead of £50 and include half an hour of racing at Karting UK, Unit 2 Kestral Place, Guys Industrial Estate, South Burscough, L40 8AB, as well as costume hire. Purchase them here.

Mushroom Rally is not associated with Nintendo® or its brands.

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