M&S Has Introduced Dedicated Shopping Hours Especially For NHS Workers

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor of Secret Manchester

M&S Has Introduced Dedicated Shopping Hours Especially For NHS Workers

The supermarket has introduced the much-needed initiative after shelves have been completely emptied by panic buyers.

M&S will introduce dedicated shopping hours for NHS workers, as well as the Elderly and vulnerable following mass shortages of stock as a result of panic buying across the nation.

Shelves have been completed emptied in recent days, with pasta, eggs, bread and toilet roll being the first items to vanish, amid thousands of customers stockpiling non-perishable goods. This has left shoppers unable to pick up the items they need the most, with NHS workers and the most vulnerable hit the hardest. Supermarkets have struggled to keep up with demand, with many major stores having to implement new regulations.

Just this morning (March 19), the London Ambulance service shared a heartbreaking photo of a Paramedic unable to pick up the groceries they needed after a long shift, with completely empty shelves surrounding. The image quickly went viral, with social media users urging each other to be more considerate during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Now, M&S has decided to take further steps to help those at this time, allowing NHS and emergency workers to shop for the first hour of the day on Tuesdays and Friday mornings (starting March 20). Additionally, the supermarket will be dedicating the first hour of the day on Mondays and Thursdays to allow the Elderly and vulnerable to shop, with all stores participating.

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