Mountain Goats Have Taken Over This Little Welsh Town, And Frankly It’s Brilliant

By Jack Saddler

Step aside, humans—there are some new sheriffs in town.

With the world on lockdown, some creatures have decided to reclaim their land. In a brilliant example, mountain goats have pranced into the empty streets of Llandudno to rule the roost. [Featured Image: @VampireGhuleh, Twitter]

And, to be honest, don’t they just look majestic in the process?

With no clunky cars or pesky humans to stand in their way, we’ve truly allowed the goats to reach their full potential. That, my friends, is a beautiful thing.

They’ve finally been allowed to explore the town. This one above, with grandiose horns straight from a mythical tale, is just casually nestling in a bush. These ones below appear to either be partaking in a big game of ‘it’ or just sensibly avoiding the humans filming so they can continue their rampageous ways.

They clearly didn’t get the social distancing memo, did they? But you can’t really blame them.

Whether they’ll tire of big city life is yet to be found out. Perhaps the mountain goats will decide that they lived a much more simple, peaceful life up on Llandudno’s neighbouring hills. For now, however, it’s lovely to see them having this much fun. We could all use some of that energy right now.