This Useful Map Shows You Which McDonald’s McFlurry Machines Are Currently Broken In Manchester

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This Useful Map Shows You Which McDonald’s McFlurry Machines Are Currently Broken In Manchester

So, pretty much all of them, then?

There’s almost nothing worse than getting all hyped up for a Maccie’s, excitedly passing those warming Golden Arches into the drive-thru, before having your dreams completely crushed at the window when you discover that – for what feels like the 900th time – the ice cream machine is once again, broken. It’s like an arrow through the heart every single time, so much so, even Federal officials in the US are investigating why they’re broken so bloody much. In the words of Kris Jenner, this really is a ‘case for the FBI’.

Fixing the problem in the meantime, Germany-based Infrastructure Engineer @rashiq on Twitter has created a genius map highlighting every single McDonald’s in the world – marking in a simple red if the ice cream machine is broken, and green if it’s good to go.

Credit: McBroken

Unsurprisingly, it’s quite the 50/50 split across Manchester, with tons of restaurants showing as ‘McBroken’ on the map. And while it’s a devastating thought knowing that they’re likely be no strawberry milkshake in store for you today, the handy map is definitely useful in saving us a trip if no ice cream is a total dealbreaker.

The tool, which was developed just last year, cleverly uses McDonald’s internal API to find out which Maccie’s are in full action, placing orders worth thousands and thousands of dollars every single minute to get the information.

In Manchester, restaurants in Piccadilly Gardens, St Anne’s Square, Sportcity, Cheetham Hill, Bury New Road, and Riverside Retail Park have flagged as in action, with the vast majority across the region marked in the doom-inducing red. Want to check if your local restaurant is out-of-action? Head over to the map here. 

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