The Race Where Runners Stop For A Pint Every Kilometre Is Back

Laura O'Neill Laura O'Neill

The Race Where Runners Stop For A Pint Every Kilometre Is Back

Looking for a way to liven up your running routine? This charity beer run with pint stops every kilometer might be just the thing.


The Marple Beer Run returns on Saturday (August 11) for the second year. The charity run will see participants tackle a four-kilometer trail which includes three optional craft beer pint-stops, or gin and tonic stops if beer isn’t your thing, as well as a finish-line pint.

The race will begin at the Marple Recreation Ground on Oldknow Road and finish at the Fox Inn pub, where a cold beer will be waiting for finishers as well as a buffet and live music, all included in the entry fee.


Obviously, everyone who takes part in a race involving beer is a winner but in the spirit of healthy competition, the first person to complete the race, including all beer stops, will be awarded a prize (more beer).

Organisers said around 200 people have signed up so far, but there’s still chance to secure your place in the race. Entry costs £25 with at least £10 going to local charities, but the organisers have said they will donate a larger chunk if they get enough people to take part.


For more information or to sign up visit the Marpe Beer Run website.



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