Manchester Set For More Hot And Stormy Nights This Week

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Manchester Set For More Hot And Stormy Nights This Week

More sweaty, sleepless nights for us…

After days of sleepless, sticky nights – Mancs are in for more heatwave fun, with the MetOffice reporting highs of up to 30 degrees today alone.

But in addition to the incredibly summery weather, thunderstorm warnings remain in place for the rest of the week, with two thunder and lightning storms already taking place consecutively this week.

Local photographers have been capturing the nightly spectacles | Credit: @mcrurban

But if you’re getting pretty fed up of the unusual heat, you can finally rejoice in the knowledge that there’s only one more day of it left, with forecasts predicting lower (and more comfortable) temperatures of 23 degrees and under from Friday onwards. Things are expected to remain pretty dry for a few more days, however, there’s currently a 30% chance of rain on Sunday – which should hopefully cool things down just a tad!

Credit: Unsplash

While you may be tempted to jump in the car and drive off to the nearest beach, it’s worth noting that popular spots such as Formby Beach and the Peak District are seeing increasing numbers of visitors on the warmer days, with Formby even facing gridlock traffic as a result of an influx in visitors.

If you do want to head out for the day, there’s plenty of day trips closeby and wonderful staycation spots to take advantage of, with many authorities such as the National Trust and private estates such as Bolton Abbey enforcing ticketing systems to allow for social distancing.

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