Apparently Some People Are Genuinely Worried That Manchester Will Be Renamed ‘Personchester’

Laura O'Neill Laura O'Neill

Apparently Some People Are Genuinely Worried That Manchester Will Be Renamed ‘Personchester’

And it’s all because of gingerbread men.

The use of the term gingerbread men has been banned in the Scottish Parliament’s coffee shop in a bid to cut out sexism. The treats have been renamed gingerbread ‘persons’ after a recent survey found that 30 per cent of women working on the site say they have been sexually harassed. And by making names gender-neutral, the parliament hopes to foster a more inclusive working environment for female and non-binary staff. Which, I think we can all agree, is definitely worth a small rebrand!

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However, not everyone has been so accepting of the move and, surprise surprise, Piers Morgan had something to say about the news. Taking to twitter the Good Morning Britain presenter said: FFS. Scottish Parliament re-names gingerbread men to tackle sexual harassment.”

Morgan’s tweet, which caused some people to believe the use of ‘gingerbread men’ had been banned across Scotland, also prompted others to ask whatever next?, with some saying they were concerned that Manchester could be in for the same treatment:

Also parliament is renaming Manchester to Personchester.” said one user.

Another said: “Next they’ll be asking the govt. to rename Manchester to Personchester then there is the problem of the Isle of Man. Isle of Person anyone?”


And this isn’t the first time people have voiced their fears for the future of our city’s name. Just last year Mr Morgan took to Twitter to share his concerns after Kleenex announced they would be changing the name of their man-size tissues to ‘extra large’. He said: “MANchester will have to be renamed PERSONchester. And feMALEs will have to be called fePERSONs.”


Thankfully Twitter users were quick to call him out, describing his comments as ‘dad jokes.’

One said: You tragic, dated saddo. My dad made jokes like that in the 1980’s and they weren’t funny then.

Another said: “Exactly. It’s like people shouting Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve! Heard that crap back in the mid ’80s.”

“You know, these jokes are as funny now as when they were first made with the introduction of the Sex Discrimination Act 1975.”

So there’s still hope for humanity!

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