Manchester Has Been Named The ‘Most Festive’ City In The UK

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor of Secret Manchester

Manchester Has Been Named The ‘Most Festive’ City In The UK

If there’s one city that knows exactly how Christmas is done, it’s Manchester – as evidenced by a brand new study which named the rainy city the Kings of the festive season, once and for all.

Undertaken by the team at boohooMAN, the research revealed exactly which cities were the best to visit during Christmastime, using a variety of factors – including ‘average monthly online searches for ‘Christmas’, ‘average amount spent on gifts per person during the Christmas period’ and ‘number of Instagram hashtags for local Christmas markets’ – when pulling together their facts.

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Topping the scales for the number of nearby Christmas tree farms and claiming the second-highest score for the number of Instagram hashtags for local Christmas markets (coming behind London only), Manchester stole the throne from close second Glasgow, who were also narrowly followed by Liverpool.

Scoring an impressive 68 out of 100 in the final rankings, Manchester’s Christmas Markets came highly recommended from the findings, with thousands flocking there already since its 12th November opening this year.

Ranking least festive in the UK was poor old Nottingham, with Cardiff and Wakefield also trailing behind in the list.

Here are the most festive cities in the UK:

  1. Manchester
  2. Glasgow
  3. Liverpool
  4. Leicester
  5. London
  6. Birmingham
  7. Coventry
  8. Leeds
  9. Edinburgh
  10. Sheffield
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