Manchester Is Getting Its First Park In Over 100 Years Thanks To New Urban Development

By Laura Rogan August 5, 2020

The Mayfield is currently undergoing a huge regeneration project, and the plans include a brand new park for the city.

The £1.4 billion scheme is set to bring to life the derelict Mayfield site, with 14 acres of space for Mancunians to enjoy.

The area will be completely transformed and will include the city’s first park in over 100 years. The 6.5-acre park will surround the banks of the River Medlock and feature parkland and gardens with trees and shrubbery, as well as walkways for the public to use. The park will also feature space for everyone to use, including play areas, space for sports, an urban square, floodable meadows and quiet spaces for those who want a break from the city.

Credit: U+I

The development of the space, currently home to Mayfield depot, will transform it into a vibrant new neighbourhood – ideally located by Piccadilly station for young professionals and people visiting the city.

In addition to the brand new park, the scheme will also deliver 1,500 new homes, 1.7m sq ft of office space, shops, a new car park and a 650-bed hotel – and it’s expected to bring with it over 10,000 office, retail, leisure and construction jobs for the local community.

Sir Richard Leese, Leader of Manchester City Council, has said of the project: “The truly transformative potential of the Mayfield project should not be underestimated, and this funding will not just unlock the opportunity to bring forward the new city park, but in reality paves the way for the entire Mayfield project to be delivered over the next decade, which is without doubt one of the best connected sites in the region, directly adjacent to Piccadilly Train Station.

“To provide a new green space in the city centre at the scale proposed is a once in a generation opportunity to bring life back to an underused part of the city centre, and create a real destination of choice. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to consider the Mayfield site as a 24-acre new urban landscape, providing a green environment that accommodates significant buildings planned for the site – rather than the traditional idea of green space sitting adjacent to new development.

Credit: U+I

Continuing: “This is the sort of ambition we should be pitching for when we consider how we use urban space differently in the future to develop new green spaces for the benefit of our communities.

“This investment is particularly welcome at a time when Manchester is focused on economic recovery following the pandemic [and] the Mayfield project illustrates a city determined to continue to grow and be successful for our residents, while generating significant employment opportunities.”

The Mayfield area has already seen vast improvements with the depot opening just last summer as a new venue for the city, generating £7.9m for the local economy in 2019 and attracting 225,000 people.

Work is set to commence summer 2020, subject to planning permission.