Greater Manchester Pupils Will Be Required To Wear Face Masks To School

By Jack Saddler

But students in some other parts of the UK won’t be required to wear masks whilst at school.

After Greater Manchester’s local lockdown, pupils are asked to wear masks in corridors upon the return to classrooms next month. It will be mandatory in all areas of the UK following local lockdowns, including nine Greater Manchester boroughs.

In other parts of Britain – such as Wigan – government will let schools decide whether or not to enforce these PPE rulings.

The government changed its previous ruling on whether students should wear masks, citing new advice from the World Health Organisation. Education secretary Gavin Williamson told the BBC “at each stage we have listened to the latest medical and scientific advice”. Pressure has been mounting to make to masks compulsory at schools in all parts of the country.


Scotland has made face masks mandatory in all schools when pupils are moving around, and the WHO currently suggests that children over the age of twelve should wear a mask to school. It is stressed that this becomes even more vital when children cannot keep socially distant.

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