This Fascinating Talk Explains How Magic Mushrooms Are Used To Heal Depression

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This Fascinating Talk Explains How Magic Mushrooms Are Used To Heal Depression

Should hallucinogenic drugs be used to improve our mental health? This talk will reveal all…

With research taking place for a number of years now, initial results from┬ástudies of single psychedelic therapy sessions are suggesting that mushrooms can bring immediate and long-lasting relief to severe mental health conditions – including depression. And now, grass-roots researcher Darren Springer is set to share his expertise on the matter in this enlightening talk, which you can buy tickets for now.

Growing since prehistoric times and noted in some of the first books on herbal medicine from thousands of years ago, the world of pharmaceuticals has seen huge breakthroughs when using magic mushrooms in their studies. One study carried out by a number of researchers at various London hospitals reportedly saw eight of twelve test subjects free from symptoms of depression after one week, and five completely free of depression after three months.

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An avid mushroom grower and permaculture teacher, Darren Springer will uncover the health benefits that the drug can have, as discovered by medical professionals, as well as discuss the use of mushrooms for therapeutic qualities in the West.

Springer will share his extensive research on the usage of psychedelic plants, bringing guests all the way up to the modern world and how they’re being used today for health benefits.

The event will take place on 28 April at the Frog & Bucket club, with tickets expected to be snapped up quickly! The talk is just one of many enlightening sessions that shed light on an array of topics such as Quantum Physics, what makes a serial killer tick, and whether all drugs should be decriminalised.

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