This Alice In Wonderland-Themed Tea Party Is Manchester’s Maddest Pop-Up

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mad hatter manchester

Leave the streets of Manchester behind and step straight into Wonderland

The marvelous Mad Hatter has brought his infamous G&T parties to Manchester, and they’re a cocktail-lover’s dream! For a gin-tastic Alice In Wonderland-themed experience you’ll never forget, book a seat at the Hatter’s tea table, sip your Beefeater cocktail creations, and immerse yourself in the action.

You’ll tumble down the rabbit hole and emerge into a psychedelic secret garden that was once The Storehouse at Whitworth Locke, but is now a mad new world straight out of a storybook. Guests are invited to embrace their eccentric side and while costumes aren’t compulsory, the Wonderlandians are always appreciative of a little fashionable flair. In fact, the Mad Hatter is also likely to loan out some of his finest creations for guests to wear during their visit!

mad hatter manchester

This epic, theatrical event combines two of Britain’s favourite things: afternoon tea parties and gin. And to ensure that guests are served only the best at his spectacular shindig, the Hatter has teamed up with Beefeater Gin to provide all the delicious drinks and gin-based potions!

Drink me…

Your 90-minute cocktail experience will begin with the Cheshire Cat’s Gin – the Hatter’s favourite take on a classic G&T. Don’t worry, your welcome drink is completely free from size-altering substances! And you’ll enjoy it so much that when you next look down at your glass you’ll be left wondering where your drink disappeared to…

Next, you’ll enjoy the Mad Hatter’s Tea. No, not actual tea! This milky potion is a tantalising Beefeater cocktail that’s certain to hit the spot. And finally, you’ll get a chance to mix up a Queen of Hearts cocktail. This unique drink, inspired by the fickle Queen herself, can be made bitter or sweet depending on your mood! Top with a candy heart and you’ve got a cocktail fit for royalty.

mad hatter manchester beefeater

This immersive cocktail experience is the perfect way to escape the mundane and embrace the wacky weirdness of Wonderland. A trip to this incredible Gin & Tea Party is guaranteed to leave you grinning like the Cheshire Cat, but there are limited seats at the Mad Hatter’s table so listen to that little white rabbit and don’t be late! Get your tickets here.

Check the event website for even more magical details…

Buy tickets for the Mad Hatters (Gin &) Tea Party here.

18+ only. Please drink responsibly. Social distancing measures will be implemented for each event, so guests can rest assured they’ll be able to enjoy the immersive experience in a COVID-safe environment.

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