Liam Gallagher ‘Demands’ Oasis Reunion With All Money Being Donated To The NHS

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Liam Gallagher ‘Demands’ Oasis Reunion With All Money Being Donated To The NHS

The famous Gallagher brother has been on Twitter again…

Liam Gallagher has been pretty active on Twitter these past few weeks (nothing new there, then), taking to his seemingly favourite social media platform to voice his opinion about the Coronavirus outbreak. Between tweeting about the virus and rocking a colander on his head for his own entertainment (and of course ours too), Liam has called out his brother Noel, demanding an Oasis reunion once and for all.

Just last week, Liam put out a tweet saying “once this is put to bed we need to get oasis back for a 1 of gig rite for charity c’mon Noel we can then go back to our amazing solo careers”, leaving fans going wild for the possibility of a reunion. Now, Liam is at it again, this time pleading for Noel to pretty much suck it up and do it for the NHS.

Liam tweeted: “Rite sick of pleading begging etc no more olive branches I DEMAND an oasis reunion after this is all over all money going to NHS c’mon you know As we were LG x”

The pair have been famously feuding for many years now, with Liam reassuring fans that the feud is very much ongoing, telling fans “Me n Rkid have been self-isolating for 10 years” and suggesting Noel was using his time during the lockdown “counting his money”.

Noel has not responded to any of Liam’s call outs, however just one day before Liam’s original proposition on Twitter, Noel tweeted: “So..just while I’m in between having my nails done and taking my regular elocution lessons I’d like to point out AGAIN that I’m not aware of any offer for any amount of money to reform the legendary rock’n’folk outfit Oasis.”

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