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These North West-Born Cheesemakers Are Selling A Letterbox-Sized Cheese Board

By Laura Rogan

This sounds too gouda be true…

Just as we thought we’d eaten everything in a 5-mile radius already, Lancashire-born Butlers Farmhouse Cheese have created the perfect quarantine snack. And it’s un-brie-lievable… Quanant-eaters, let me introduce you to… The Letterbox Cheeseboard.

Filling our bottomless pits (AKA stomachs) with all the good stuff, the Letterbox Cheese parcel is packed up in a perfectly sized parcel, allowing for it to be pushed through the letterbox as the nation social distances.

And they come in at an absolute bargain too, with a cheeseboard for two costing just £6.50, and a bigger ‘Showstopper Cheeseboard Trio’ costing just £11.50. Each parcel contains a Blacksticks Blue cheese, a Sunday Best hard cheese, half a Button Mill soft cheese, two packs of Peter’s Yard Sourdough Crispbread and to finish, a jar of Wilkin & Sons Ltd Hot Gooseberry Chutney.


Credit: Unsplash

The ‘Showstopper’ box, however, goes one step further, adding in a Trotter Hill Wedge and a whole Whole Button Mill for cheese lovers to gorge on.

Delivery costs just £3.50 per order, and the boxes can be purchased here.

[Featured image: Unsplash]