Keyworkers’ Faces Will Be Projected Across Manchester As A Gesture Of Appreciation

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor of Secret Manchester

Keyworkers’ Faces Will Be Projected Across Manchester As A Gesture Of Appreciation

Sentinels will pay homage to the city’s key workers.

The weekly Clap For Carers may have come to a close, but that hasn’t stopped projection artists Illuminos from paying tribute to Greater Manchester’s incredible keyworkers as the pandemic continues. Teaming up with Hits Radio and City of Trees, the project is currently calling on Mancs to nominate the workers they think deserve a literal moment to shine. 33 trees across the city will be used for the project, with key areas including Manchester Cathedral, Stevenson Square as well as green spaces across the city such as Sackville Park and St John’s Garden.

The images will be showcased over a series of evenings throughout June, with each piece of tree art being shared online for all to see, allowing us to view our home in a whole new light.

Credit: Illuminos

Rob Vale, artist with Illuminos explains “Sentinels is our response to the coronavirus outbreak, and a way of using our artistic practice as celebration of those people who must continue to work – steadfast and unwavering, through this crisis. Across Greater Manchester, key workers continue their vital activity – they are the sentinels – guardians of our wellbeing, and the human evidence of the pandemic we all face.”

He adds “The growth of these urban trees – the green against the grey – remind us of the life force of the many key workers that carry us through these difficult times. By forming each tree via video projection into living portraits, their actions can be celebrated – sentinels stood proud in the city.”

Sarah Nurton from City of Trees added; “We hope this will be a fitting way to recognize and celebrate some of Greater Manchester’s amazing keyworkers. Each tree has its own unique character and we aim to match that with those nominated in a truly unique tribute”.

Nominations are currently being accepted and you can submit yours via Twitter using the hashtag #LivingHeroes.

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