An ‘Occasional’ Natural Wine Bar & Store Is Opening In Ancoats With Wine On Tap

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An ‘Occasional’ Natural Wine Bar & Store Is Opening In Ancoats With Wine On Tap

It’s just a hop, skip and a sniff away from Rudy’s.

Gracing the ever-growing Ancoats neighbourhood this summer, the team behind Takk Coffee, SEESAW creative hub, and ÖL Bar & Brewery are bringing a brand new concept to the city centre – with natural wine at the forefront.

Championing the original wine-making method, natural wine has become a trend in itself, with many Manc winos foregoing the mass-produced stuff for the low intervention bottles that are slowly becoming readily available across the city. And now, the fan-favourite wines are going to be more accessible than ever before, with new, dedicated store KERB.

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Offering a curated selection of natural wines, Mancs will be able to shop beautiful creations from homegrown producers of England & Wales, as well as hand-picked winemakers across Europe (and beyond). If that wasn’t all, KERB will also offer Natty wine on tap, too, making it easier than ever before to knock back a glass or two.

Primarily operating as a store, KERB will open up an occasional bar on the last weekend of every month, allowing guests to try out the wines, relax and socialise with friends in-house.

Priding themselves on their passion alone, KERB promises no pretentiousness and no exclusivity – just really good wine.

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Founders Philip Hannaway & David McCall said of their six-year-long love for natural wine: “It blew us away. Such a different taste…. It was quite heavy on the fermented side, so it made such an impression that we wanted to taste more,

Speaking of the birth of KERB, David said: “We want to be a store for everyone, whether they are beginners getting acquainted with amazing natural wine or experts who know more than we ever will. Our aim is to be knowledgeable but inclusive.

“I firmly believe that once you have developed a thirst for the amazing diversity of tastes within the Natural wine umbrella, it’s really hard to go back.”

Phillip added that “joining an emerging scene with pioneers such as Erst, Isca, Le_Social and Higher Ground is humbling.”, saying “Things are really developing in Manchester. I think there is about to be an explosion of natural wine in the city.

“There’s a group of really passionate people trying to push forward the scene and it’s incredibly exciting to help grow it together. I am still learning new things about natural wine all the time, it’s incredibly exciting to share and learn from others.”

Kerb is set to open our doors on August 6.  The team have worked with Manchester’s Youth Studio on the design of the store, Studio eNaR for branding and James Carbutt for their illustrated wine-loving gremlins.

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