The Trailer For Karl Pilkington’s New Series Has Arrived And It Looks Magnificent

Laura O'Neill Laura O'Neill

Karl Pilkington Sick Of It

What’s better than one Karl Pilkington?

Sky One has released the trailer for a new series starring Karl Pilkington and it’s everything we could have hoped for.

Sick Of It will see the Mancunian, famous for The Moaning Of Life and An Idiot Abroad, take on two roles, himself and the mardy voice in his head.

The scripted series follows Karl, a middle-aged man recently dumped by his long-term girlfriend, as he muddles through life and attempts to make sense of the modern world.

Now living with his elderly auntie, Karl’s closest companion is the voice in his head, a crotchety, misanthropic alter ego who takes the form of his doppelgänger, the uncensored true version of Karl that says what he really thinks without the risk of offending others.  As Karl attempts to move on from the break-up and sort out his life, the voice in his head appears periodically to guide, criticise and dispense his unorthodox philosophy of life.

Sick Of It marks the first time the former radio producer, rose to fame as Ricky Gervais’s unintentionally hilarious producer on the radio station Xfm, has written his own material.

Karl Pilkington said: “For most people the inner self is there to help make decisions but mine mainly confuses me and pushes me in the wrong direction. I’d say that doing this series was inner self’s idea. I’ve only just realised that I’m playing myself twice but only being paid once. Like I say, my inner self doesn’t really look out for me.”

Sky One announced the series last September, but fans were only given a look at the trailer yesterday and quickly took to social media to share their delight.

 Sick Of It will land on Sky One later this year.

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