Jason Manford Was Just Rejected For A Job At Tesco, And His Response Is Hilarious

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Jason Manford Was Just Rejected For A Job At Tesco, And His Response Is Hilarious

In true Jason Manford style, the comedian’s had some stuff to say…

Taking to Twitter to provide some much-needed comic relief this week, Salford-born comedian Jason Manford has revealed that he was recently declined for a job at Tesco, after creating a genuine application to help out delivery driving for the Alderley Road Wilmslow store.

Obviously joking, the comedian wrote: “Absolutely livid @tesco. I was only trying to do my bit. I hope the better person got and enjoys the job, I’ll be watching”, before continuing with an additional tweet which read: “I even signed it my cv off ‘previous experience: Comedian. So I know that it’s all in the delivery!’ Still nothing!”.

And while the whole ordeal, which has continued to unfold today, has given us all a few laughs, Manford has also admitted that the application was completely genuine, hoping to use his time helping the community while he’s not performing.

A statement by Manford on his Facebook page cleared up the situation, saying: “A few people thought I was taking the piss, being insensitive or making it up about my previous message about being turned down for a job as a Tesco driver.

“I applied 7 weeks ago when I thought, like everyone, it was basically wartime and it would require all hands on deck. ‘Curtains’ got cancelled on the 16th & I applied on the 21st fo quite a few jobs). I have since managed to fill my ‘spare time’ doing some volunteer driving (this is not ‘virtue signalling’, just defending myself!) and homeschooling 6 kids (and doing our little quizzes and kids’ comedy clubs!) and being made to clean my own house by my wife.

“At the same time I also don’t believe ‘we’re all this together’. I’m more aware than ever the differences in society & chatting to some of the people I’ve driven the last few weeks has only highlighted how hard the lockdown has been for people with less money and space. I feel extremely fortunate.

“Hope you’re all keeping safe and being kind to yourself and to others”.

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