Manchester Has Been Named The Most Instagrammable City In The North

Laura O'Neill Laura O'Neill

Manchester Has Been Named The Most Instagrammable City In The North

Manchester is the street art capital of the north.

There’s no denying the north is a creative place. Our bands and musicians rule the world, our actors grace the finest stages, and our artists always make a statement.

22 Bees Photo by @saturnmoons19

So it’s no surprise to see the buildings and walls of the UK adorned with some of the finest and most creative street art found anywhere in the world. And now the world’s seeing it too, through the power of Instagram.

Transpennine Express has been tracking the #streetart, and has been able to identify the cities in the north of the UK and the pieces and artists that are getting the most Insta-love. Manchester has topped the list with a whopping 31,239 #streetart post between June and July, followed by Sheffield (27,507) and Glasgow (12,707).

2 Worlds Photo by @tdhine

Long known as a city bursting with art expression, Manchester welcomes street art with open arms. So with pieces changing so frequently around the city, which street art is receiving the most attention right now?

Transpennine Express has analysed street art Instagram posts tagged in the north between June and July to uncover the ten pieces that are being shared on Instagram the most right now. The research shows that self-titled ‘big wall painter’ Jim Vision is keeping the Manchester street art scene front and centre in the minds of visitors and enthusiasts alike.

(Top left) The Tyger by Jim Vision photo by @dogmeister (Top right) Liam Gallagher by Akse photo by @paulando (Bottom left) Eleven by Akse photo by @mtr_shots (Bottom right) Arya Stark by Akse photo by @paul1rogers

His The Tyger mural takes the top spot whilst graffiti artist Akse secures the second, third and fourth spots with Liam GallagherEleven and Arya Stark. The Tyger and Liam Gallagher also make the top five most Instagrammed pieces.

Manchester-based graffiti artist Akse said of his Instagram success:

I think it’s the subjects I paint which are the main reason why people love to take pictures of my artwork; the quality of my portraits (likeness and fine details) probably contribute to their ‘Instagrammability’.”

For more information or to see a breakdown of the results, click here.

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