Iceland Is Launching A Big Mac-Inspired Pizza With Burger Sauce In The Base

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Iceland Is Launching A Big Mac-Inspired Pizza With Burger Sauce In The Base

The base is oozing with pizza sauce!

Revolutionising pizza as we know it, Iceland has come up with a genius concept for those who like their pizza a little on the saucy side, stuffing the soft, doughy base with additional sauce to crank up the flavour factor. The range includes four different pizzas with a variety of toppings and stuffed bases. But the true holy grail of them? The Cheeseburger Stuffed Base Pizza.

Credit: Iceland

Alike to everyone’s favourite McDonald’s burger, the Big Mac, the pizza is ‘bursting with burger sauce’ and topped with beef, gherkins and Iceland’s very own burger sauce creation, all finished off with a whole lotta cheese. The sauce is stuffed inside the pizza base instead of the crust, making the pizza the first of its kind in the UK!

As well as their delicious-sounding Cheeseburger Pizza, also included in the range is a spicy pepperoni pizza stuffed with spicy red cheddar sauce, chicken and bacon stuffed with BBQ sauce and a cheese pizza stuffed with red cheddar sauce. The pizzas come with a deep base, so you’re guaranteed to get lashings of sauce!

Credit: Iceland

Foodie fans have been going wild over the announcement, with Instagram users saying “this is the kind of innovation we need” and calling the tasty creation a “game-changer”.

The pizzas cost just £2 each and can be found in Iceland stores nationwide.

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