Heinz Has Launched A £10 Food Box Delivery Service And It Sounds Brilliant

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Heinz Has Launched A £10 Food Box Delivery Service And It Sounds Brilliant

This one’s for the beans on toast addicts…

There’s nothing worse than not being able to get your beans and sausages fix, and in this current climate, it’s proved virtually impossible to stock up on cupboard essentials. But now, the kings of the tinned cuisine have well and truly upped their game, launching a brand new delivery service for baked beans fans everywhere.

Credit: Heinz

Aptly named ‘Heinz To Home‘, the brand new service allows customers to purchase their favourite Heinz items direct, without the need for popping to the shops. It’s great for social distancing, and means you can stay tucked up in the safety of your home re-watching Friends while the country’s on lockdown.

The products are sold in bundle form, meaning each customer will receive a box full of Heinz treats that’ll help get you by while shops are sold out. While you can’t select what goes inside, you can rest assured that they’re packed up with the nation’s favourites, including 8 tins of beans, 4 tins of tomato soup and 4 tins of spaghetti hoops.

Credit: Heinz

Delivery times are pretty speedy too, with each package arriving within 2-3 days via courier. They’re even providing free delivery to NHS staff when purchased with a Blue Light card, too. Each box costs just £10, with a small £3.50 delivery charge added at checkout.

The online shop option is a first for Heinz, and while there’s currently only one bundle to choose from, the business is planning to expand the service further to include other popular items such as tomato ketchup.

[Featured image: Heinz]

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