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We Can Finally Get Our Muggle Mitts On Ron And Harry’s Christmas Jumpers

By Laura O'Neill October 17, 2018

Let’s just pretend they were made by Mrs Weasley.

Photo: Primark

You could say Molly Weasley started the Christmas Jumper trend. Every year without fail she would present her brood with a hand-knitted jumper, emblazoned with their initial. Even Harry Potter, the boy with all the money and none of the family, was gifted a jumper by the mum who had nothing to give but love and was, understandably, delighted.

Photo: Primark

This Christmas, we can finally get our muggle mitts on one without having to pay through the nose or knit one ourselves. Primark, the store that has been making our Harry Potter dreams come true with their epic homeware, clothing and Christmas collections, is now stocking the iconic jumpers for only £14 each and they’re available in Blue with an H, or dark red with an R.

Best grab yours before the riots start.