The Trailer For Series 3 Of The Handmaid’s Tale Is Here And It Looks Incendiary

Laura O'Neill Laura O'Neill

The Trailer For Series 3 Of The Handmaid’s Tale Is Here And It Looks Incendiary

The trailer for the hotly-anticipated third series of The Handmaid’s Tale has dropped and it’s all kicking off in Gilead.

At long last, we’ve been blessed with a trailer and an air date for the third series of The Handmaid’s Tale. The dystopian drama, which is based on Margaret Atwood’s novel, will return to streaming service Hulu on June 5 and, if the previous series are anything to go by, will air on Channel 4 in the UK a few weeks later.

The series two finale (spoilers ahoy) ended with June/Offred (played by Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss) on the brink of escaping the totalitarian regime with her baby, Holly. But at the last minute, she changed her mind, sending the infant to safety with Emily (Alexis Bledel) and heading back to the Waterford’s.

The new trailer, shared by Hulu today, shows her back in the house of her master Commander Waterford and hints at her striking up an unlikely alliance with his wife Serena. The trailer also shows shots of the Waterfords’ house on fire and shows Emily apparently making it to safety with Holly.

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A spokesman for Hulu said:

“Season Three of The Handmaid’s Tale is driven by June’s resistance to the dystopian regime of Gilead and her struggle to strike back against overwhelming odds. Startling reunions, betrayals, and a journey to the terrifying heart of Gilead force all characters to take a stand, guided by one defiant prayer: “Blessed be the fight.”

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