This Weekend’s Terrifying Halloween Maze Has Twisted Frights Lurking Around Every Corner

By Laura Rogan

Think you can stomach Manchester’s most frightening Halloween experience?

Fancy immersing yourself in a world where terror lies behind every corner? Sure, you might be thinking “wasn’t that 2020?”, but upping the fright factor to seriously scary levels for Halloween is a brand new, terrifying maze called Into The Dark, which will be lurking around Trafford this Halloween.

Featuring four immersive ‘scare zones’ throughout, Into The Dark will take participants on a wild ride into the minds of some of the most twisted horror legends, each of which should be entered at your own peril. And trust us when we say, you’d better prepare to scream like never before.

Sound freaky enough for you Halloween enthusiasts yet? We’ve not even got to the best part yet. Reserving a whole section for the hardcore scare fans among us (so basically, not me), Into The Dark will provide an ‘Extreme Zone’ which will house its scariest ever experience, where guests will need to brace themselves for ‘intimate’ encounters with some of the most frightening residents of the dark. Think crazed killers with chainsaws, zombies, torture scenes and mysterious masked beings, who’ll be ready and waiting in each scare zone for their next victim.



If you haven’t got shivers down your spine at the thought, a limited number of tickets are available to snap up now for both 31 October and 1 November – but be quick, because they’re selling out real fast. Tickets start at just £22pp, with Extreme 18+ tickets available for tough ones among us.

Get yours here before they’re gone! 🔪