A Hair-Raising Halloween Horror Maze Is Coming To Manchester This October

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A Hair-Raising Halloween Horror Maze Is Coming To Manchester This October

Fear Factory Live are delivering on the spooks and scares this Halloween.

Take a deep breath, square your shoulders and get ready to step into a nightmare. This heart-seizing Halloween adventure puts your nerves to the test, piling on the terrors in the inescapable tangle of a maze. It goes without saying that this is not for the faint-hearted.

The immersive experience kicks off on Saturday October 2nd at Ena Mill, with slots to book from the hours of 6pm-10.30pm each day; ensuring the cover of darkness will be there to add an extra dose of mystery.

Brave ticket-holders will be invited inside a traditional Victorian Mill ominously decked out with slicing strobe lights and creepy decor. To truly set the scene, scary soundscapes will also echo throughout the venue, instilling a sense of dread as you tip toe around corners and dodge the lunges of live actors who seemingly emerge from nowhere. Rest assured the goosebumps littering your skin will not just be because of the Autumnal chill in the air.

If you do end up needing a bit of liquid courage before you enter, there is a bar serving up cool themed cocktails, garnished with all sorts of sweets and gimmicks. Plus, if hunger strikes there are also freshly-made stone baked pizzas, leaving no excuse for the pangs in your stomach except toe-curling trepidation for what’s to come. Sound like a bit of you? Make sure you leave plenty of time to tuck in before your slot.

Unsurprisingly, anyone under the age of 18 will be required to be accompanied by an adult – the experience does not cater to wide-eyed children so best leave the little ones at home. Though, you might want to round up the gang for reinforcements or even just to show off your cool-as-cucumber approach to Halloween and its horrors.

A great way to get your scare fix this October, the nerve-wracking experience is like stumbling into a horror film; putting yourself in the shoes of those poor on-screen victims that meet their unfortunate ends in all manner of horrible ways. Luckily, there’s no real death lying in wait for you here, just an adrenaline-spiking wander through a haunting Halloween-themed maze.

Feeling fearless? You can get tickets here.

Fear Factory Live - Halloween Horror Maze

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