Marks And Spencer Has Launched A Gin And Tonic Syrup For Pancake Day

By Laura O'Neill

Marks and Spencer has launched a lemon, gin and tonic sauce for Pancake Day.

It’s been a grim few months, but at last, there’s a spot of light on the horizon as one of the most important days of the year is approaching, Pancake Day!

Photo: stormfooder

It’s one of the first markers that winter is nearly over, especially this year as it falls on March 5, which is exceptionally late. But that just means we’ve had more time to get our supplies in, and the folks at Marks and Spencers have come up with this year’s must-have pancake topping. Lemon, gin and tonic sauce!

The £2 sauce is made from four per cent strength gin and lemon juice and is described as tart and zesty, emulating the ‘classic flavours of a gin and tonic.’

Photo: Marks and Spencer

Also included in the range is the Scottish heather honey which has been infused with the smoky peat of a single malt whiskey and is priced at £5.


The products are available in store and on the website here.

Fancy gin on toast for breakfast? Click here.

See you in the queues!

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