A Toastie Restaurant Exists In Manchester And The Fillings Look Outrageously Good

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A Toastie Restaurant Exists In Manchester And The Fillings Look Outrageously Good

Toastie lovers are in for a treat!

Toasties are the ultimate convenience food. All you need is bread, cheese and fire and you’ve got yourself a tasty sandwich. But the best part about the stunning British cuisine? The fact that you can shove anything in between those lovely little slices of bread and call it a meal. Can’t get any more convenient than that.

Photo: Frankiestoasties

Born after a light bulb moment when the founder was absolutely starving, the UK’s first toastie restaurant, Frankie’s Toasties, opened on Manchester’s Portland Street back in 2018, offering ‘straight-up’ toasties with a selection of outrageously good fillings – all available from 7.30am (hello breakfast toasties) until 6pm. And it’s been a pretty big hit with Mancs (namely myself) ever since its opening – constantly expanding its ever creative menu with new combos.

Photo: Frankie’s Toasties

Whether it’s a chocolate fix you’re in the mood for, or a classic lunch, diners can expect a choice of both sweet and savoury fillings, including the cheap and cheeseful cheese toastie, as well as more eccentric options, such as Lotus Biscoff, frankfurters and hot ramen. Not only that, but vegans can enjoy the tasty toasties, too, with a menu especially created which is completely free of animal products.

The menu also features a huge choice of milkshakes, hot drinks and soft drinks, too, so whatever takes your fancy – you’re sure to be satisfied.

Frankie’s Toasties is open seven days a week from 8am-5pm Monday-Saturday and 9am-5pm Sundays, and can be found at 98 Portland St, Greater, Manchester, M1 4GX.

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