Mancunians Will Soon Be Able To Pay For Food And Drinks With Their Fingertips

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Mancunians Will Soon Be Able To Pay For Food And Drinks With Their Fingertips

Is it convenient or a bit creepy?

All Work & Social, the operating company behind XYZ Work and the recently launched XYZ Social in Spinningfields has partnered with biometric payments provider, Fingopay.

From Autumn, members and visitors to All Work and Social’s XYZ building will be the first in the UK to pay for food and drinks with just a scan of their finger, using VeinID technology, which reads and recognises the unique vein patterns inside our fingers.

A spokesman for the Fingopay said the integration will make transactions easier, simpler and safer by removing the need for carrying cash, cards, ID or smartphones.

Simon Binns, CMO, Fingopay said:

“All Work & Social has seen the far-reaching potential of biometric-based identity for access and payment, and we are delighted to have confirmed a launch partner who has been so instrumental in the regeneration of Manchester.”

“Fingopay will be open for everyone to use at the new XYZ Social this autumn  Those who sign up will be able to pay and ID themselves with a simple scan of their finger.”


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Anthony Powell, Managing Director at All Work & Social, said:

“We are thrilled to partner with Fingopay on this project, which can only further support Manchester’s growth as a digital city, and international hub for the tech, digital and creative industries.”

“With Fingopay, we are enhancing everyday life for XYZ Work and XYZ Social members and guests by giving them a convenient and secure new way to pay, with cashless and convenient biometric payments and transactions.”

The award-winning Fingopay technology will allow customers to link their vein signatures with their payment cards to pay using just their finger at a network of merchants. At tills, the unique pattern of the customer’s vein is scanned, verifying biometric signatures and payments in seconds through its cloud-based matching system.

A spokesman for Fingopay said the technology has been recognised as the fastest and safest payment method on the market (as the vein pattern leaves no trace so, therefore, cannot be copied) with no need for PIN or passwords and no transaction limits.

The technology platform has also been working with Greater Manchester Council, CityCo and MIDAS since announcing its intention to launch in the city in 2019.

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