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Become An Absolute Boss In A Whole Range Of Subjects With These Captivating Talks

By Laura Rogan January 27, 2020

Can LSD cure depression? What really is Quantum Physics? These thought-provoking talks have the answers!

Bringing a range of enlightening talks to Manchester city centre, Fever has an incredible schedule ahead that feature expert speakers in some of the most intriguing fields.

With Science at the core of every talk, 2020 is guaranteed to be the year of becoming an absolute know-it-all – with talks covering exciting subjects such as psychedelics, love and sex, neuroscience and even quantum physics to fulfill the Ant-Man in all of us.

Taking place at various locations across the city, the talks are perfect for those with curious minds – as well as those who’ve officially run out of documentaries to watch! Learn all about how psychedelics are being used to cure depression, what goes on inside the mind when you’re in love, or discover a whole new subject of interest all together from the rundown of the events below.

1. The Science of Love

Led by Cambridge University researcher Liora Vilmovsky, the talk will uncover the science behind being in love – so if you’ve ever wondered why it is you get that fuzzy feeling in your chest or butterflies in your stomach over your beau, or even why you just can’t seem to get your head around being in a relationship, Vilmovsky will be on hand to reveal all and explain what it is that makes our minds (and our hearts) tick! Tickets can be purchased here.

2. The Science of Psychedelics

Talking all things psychedelics, our expert speaker will be talking about how magic mushrooms are being used to treat depression, what mind-altering effects the drugs can have as well as the science behind psychedelics. The talk is truly thought-provoking and tickets are available here.

3. Quantum Physics for Beginners

Ever fancied yourself a bit of a Hank Pym or Sheldon Cooper? While Quantum Physics might sound daunting for the beginner, the subject is super exciting, covering an array of areas such as string theory (which Big Bang Theory fans will be familiar with!), quantum computing and time itself. The exciting talk features expect Dr Michael Brooks with his guest Rick Edwards. You can pick up your ticket here.

4. The Psychology of Raving

Ever wondered what happens in your head when you head out raving? Social researcher Dr. Beate Peter enlightens us on the subject in this talk, covering questions such as ‘why do we want to dance all night?’ ‘Where does the euphoric feeling come from?’ and ‘what is the relationship between the mind and body?’. Purchase tickets here.

5. The Neuroscience of Creativity  (last tickets!)

Creativity involves transforming your ideas, dreams and imagination into reality so, naturally, it is highly coveted in all walks of life. But where does it come from? And more importantly, how can we nurture it? Are we doomed to have the creativity that is written in our genes, or can we develop creativity through practice? In this engaging lecture by subject expert Pragya Agarwal, you’ll learn about the relationship between creativity and intelligence as well as the way the brain operates during the creative process. Who knows, maybe you’ll unlock your creative genius, too! Get your tickets here.

6. Mindfulness For Modern Life

Mindfulness can be a minefield to understand in today’s climate, but BACP accredited counsellor Natalie Rossiter will be on hand at this insightful talk that covers exactly how to take control of your own emotions and harness them to improve mental health. The talk will cover various exercises and meditation techniques, as well as techniques to overcome the chaos of your mind. Purchase your tickets here.

7. Why All Drugs Should Be Decriminalised

Hosted by Professor David Nutt, a well-established neuropsychopharmacologist (we know, it’s a long word), the talk will explore the war on drugs and how the attempt to control drug use has been a global failure. Professor David Nutt will enlighten audiences on how decriminalisation policies offer huge economic gains as demonstrated in some European countries already, as well as explore brand new research on different policies for more common drugs. Buy tickets here.

8. Can Magic Mushrooms Heal Depression?

Known for their hallucinogenic properties, Magic Mushrooms have quite the reputation. But can they be used for the good of our health? This curious talk discusses how psychedelics have been used as treatments for mental distress and discovers exactly how it all works. Sciencey stuff included. Get tickets here.

9. Secrets of Serial Killers

Ever wondered exactly what goes on in a serial killers mind? What causes them to kill as easily as we brush our teeth in the morning? This deeply insightful talk lead by Dr. David Holmes delves into exactly what makes a serial killer different from your average person – discussing what it is that makes them tick! Buy your tickets here.

10. Innocent & Incarcerated For 30 Years

The wild story of Jamie Morgan Kane, this thrilling talk revisits the moment that Kane found a dead body in his living room, leading him to be wrongfully incarcerated for 30 whole years. Kane tells the jaw-dropping story live, from getting rid of the body to serving time for so long, he bypassed the creation of the internet. Shaun Attwood will be on hand to interview Kane, with a live Q&A session that audiences can take part in. Just try and get your head around this story! Get tickets here.

11. Surviving The USA’s Deadliest Jail

Chesire-born author, speaker and activist Shaun Attwood will speak live about his prison sentence in one of America’s deadliest jails in Arizona. The thrilling story covers how Attwood began distributing ecstasy, his involvement in the Arizona rave scene and his arrest which led to him serving time in Arizona, before ultimately being banned for life from visiting the USA. The high-profile story caught the attention of many, with the likes of the National Geographic Channel and book publishers all interested in hearing his side. Now, you can hear it firsthand in this fascinating Fever Talk.

Here’s the full calendar of talks:

Song and authorDatesTickets
The Science of Love 15 Sep 2020 19:00 Buy tickets
The Science of Psychedelics 17 Aug 2020 19:00 - 16 Sep 2020 19:00 Buy tickets
Quantum Physics for Beginners 25 Aug 2020 19:00 - 26 Aug 2020 19:00 Buy tickets
The Neuroscience of Creativity 29 Sep 2020 19:00 Buy tickets
The Psychology of Raving 22 Sep 2020 19:00 Buy tickets
Surviving the USA's Deadliest Jail 04 Aug 2020 19:00 Buy tickets
Innocent & Incarcerated for 34 Years 05 Aug 2020 19:00 Buy tickets
Mindfulness for Modern Life 15 Sep 2020 19:00 Buy tickets
Secrets of Serial Killers 29 Jul 2020 19:00 Buy tickets
Prof. David Nutt: Why All Drugs Should Be Decriminalised 22 Sep 2020 18:30 Buy tickets
Can Magic Mushrooms Heal Depression? 29 Sep 2020 19:00 Buy tickets

Alternatively, check out the full list of talks here.