Become An Absolute Boss In A Whole Range Of Subjects With These Captivating Talks

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Become An Absolute Boss In A Whole Range Of Subjects With These Captivating Talks

Everything from quantum physics to serial killers is covered in these fascinating Fever Talks.

We all started 2020 with the best of intentions, but whilst the pandemic and lockdown might have scuppered some of them, there’s still plenty of time to complete one New Year’s resolution: by learning something new! If you’re looking for a way to be more enlightened, engaged, and wise, then our friends at Fever have the answer. They’ve launched a range of amazing Fever Talks, each themed around an eye-opening, intriguing new subject.


With the help of engaging topics, expert speakers, and a burning desire for knowledge, these talks are perfect for those with a curious mind. Check out the table before for dates and times, and find out more about some of our favourite talks below.

Here are a few of our favourites!

1. The Science of Love

Ah, that great, unknowable mystery: love! Can you predict how you’ll fall in love, and with whom? Why do relationships come more naturally to some than others? These are the questions you’ll have answered at this insightful talk, which also includes a Q&A for any burning questions you’ve always wanted to answer! Get your tickets here.

2. The Science of Psychedelics

Now this one really is a mind-altering talk… A resident psychedelic expert (dream job, IMHO) will walk you through pioneering research that includes using magic mushrooms to treat depression, as well as explaining the science behind psychedelics. Find your tickets here.

3. The Science of Parallel Universes

Personally, I think this world is complicated enough without uncovering an entire multiverse of other worlds, but the likes of Rick & Morty and Stranger Things apparently don’t agree with me. Your guide to the possibility of these infinite worlds is a theoretical physicist, though hopefully one without a portal gun and an inquisitive grandson trailing behind them… Tickets available here.

4. Quantum Physics for Beginners

Daunting as it may seem, quantum physics is an exciting area of study, and one which you don’t need a physics degree to understand! Science writer Dr Michael Brooks, who co-hosts the Science(ish) podcast, will talk you through subjects as diverse as string theory, quantum computing, and even time itself. It’s unmissable stuff, so nab your tickets here.

5. The Science of Happiness

If you could bottle happiness, you’d make a killing. Whilst you can’t do that yet, you can understand the science behind happiness, by having a happiness expert who utilises neuroscience and psychology explain it all to you – and happily, that’s what’s on offer here. Find your tickets here.

6. Can Magic Mushrooms Heal Depression?

Cognitive behavioural therapy and antidepressants have their benefits, but what if one of the best treatments for depression was a little more left-field? Early clinical studies are showing impressive results, so if you want to find out how to trip your way to better mental health, this could be the talk for you. Tickets here.

7. The Neuroscience of Creativity

Some people are just endlessly creative. Some people are not. But what if you could train your brain to be more creative, nurturing the right instincts and transforming yourself into a creative wizard? Well, this is your best chance to find out – your tickets are available here.

8. The Psychology of Raving

Ever wondered what happens in your head when you head out raving? Social researcher Dr. Beate Peter enlightens us on the subject in this talk, covering questions such as ‘why do we want to dance all night?’ ‘Where does the euphoric feeling come from?’ and ‘what is the relationship between the mind and body?’. Purchase tickets here.

9. Mindfulness For Modern Life

Mindfulness can be a minefield to understand in today’s climate, but BACP accredited counsellor Natalie Rossiter will be on hand at this insightful talk that covers exactly how to take control of your own emotions and harness them to improve mental health. The talk will cover various exercises and meditation techniques, as well as techniques to overcome the chaos of your mind. Purchase your tickets here.

10. Why All Drugs Should Be Decriminalised

Hosted by Professor David Nutt, a well-established neuropsychopharmacologist (we know, it’s a long word), the talk will explore the war on drugs and how the attempt to control drug use has been a global failure. Professor David Nutt will enlighten audiences on how decriminalisation policies offer huge economic gains as demonstrated in some European countries already, as well as explore brand new research on different policies for more common drugs. Buy tickets here.

11. Innocent & Incarcerated For 30 Years

The wild story of Jamie Morgan Kane, this thrilling talk revisits the moment that Kane found a dead body in his living room, leading him to be wrongfully incarcerated for 30 whole years. Kane tells the jaw-dropping story live, from getting rid of the body to serving time for so long, he bypassed the creation of the internet. Shaun Attwood will be on hand to interview Kane, with a live Q&A session that audiences can take part in. Just try and get your head around this story! Get tickets here.

12. Surviving The USA’s Deadliest Jail

Chesire-born author, speaker and activist Shaun Attwood will speak live about his prison sentence in one of America’s deadliest jails in Arizona. The thrilling story covers how Attwood began distributing ecstasy, his involvement in the Arizona rave scene and his arrest which led to him serving time in Arizona, before ultimately being banned for life from visiting the USA. The high-profile story caught the attention of many, with the likes of the National Geographic Channel and book publishers all interested in hearing his side. Now, you can hear it firsthand in this fascinating Fever Talk.

See the full range of talks here.

All venues have implemented social distancing rules to protect event-goers from COVID-19. 

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