These Fascinating Online Talks Are Here To Enlighten Your Lockdown

Alex Landon Alex Landon

These Fascinating Online Talks Are Here To Enlighten Your Lockdown

Fever Talks Live are bringing the knowledge to your living room.

Fancy learning about something that isn’t social distancing and flattening the curve? We feel you. Thankfully, our pals at Fever have lined up some of their excellent Fever Talks to stream online, which means you can now enjoy a fascinating lecture about a whole range of incredible subjects, without having to leave your pyjamas. Fever Talks Live is ready to introduce you to a world of knowledge, and here’s what’s on offer!

Fancy exploring The Science of Psychedelics, and learning all about how psychoactive drugs can help us understand human consciousness and therapeutic techniques? Chris Timmerman of Imperial College London is our expert for the evening, ready to dive into the research and explain how psychedelics could find new uses in the modern world. Sign up here to join in with that one.

Or perhaps you’d like to explore The Science of Parallel Universes, and join a theoretical physicist for a lively discussion of whether the ‘multiverses’ seen in the likes of Rick and Morty and Stranger Things could actually exist in reality. Could there really be worlds beyond our own? Find out by getting your tickets here.

Elsewhere, Dr David Hamilton will be exploring whether it’s possible for to ‘think’ yourself to health, in an engaging talk called How The Mind Heals The Body. Drawing on the placebo effect, the healing effects of belief, and the role that emotions play in regulating the body, this talk will uncover principles that could be used to inform modern medicine. If you can dream it, you can do it, so get your tickets here.

Meanwhile, Artificial Intelligence for Beginners is perfect for anyone who wishes to learn a little more about one of science’s most interesting fields. Veteran technologist and trend-watcher David Wood will be on hand to help you forecast how artificial intelligence might upend the systems we use today, and explore the triumphs and pitfalls of an ever-increasing reliance on technology. Get your tickets here to join in.

Maybe a thought-provoking exploration of whether magic mushrooms can heal depression will pique your curiosity? With mental health even more under the microscope in these times, now is the perfect opportunity to look at how the psychedelic properties of certain mushrooms could help treat depression. This talk does just that, by exploring how our brains react to psilocybin, the compound which makes magic mushrooms magic. Could tripping really be a treatment? Find out by signing up here.

And finally, whilst lockdown may have rather put the skids on your dating life, we’re still investigating why we fall for the people we do. Join Colin Richards, creator of Intimacy Matters, for The Psychology of Attraction, which will explore how we form attachments and attractions, and why this results in us choosing the partners we do. Could be pretty vital knowledge for when you dip your feet back into the dating pool, so grab your tickets here!

Fever Talks will be running even more brilliant online talks over the next few weeks, so keep checking this page for updated information. Oh, and why not check out the full range of talks here, for they’ll be filling cinemas and venues across town later this year!