Extinction Rebellion Plan To Protest For The Next Two Weeks In Manchester

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Extinction Rebellion Plan To Protest For The Next Two Weeks In Manchester

Extinction Rebellion is campaigning for a stronger environmental plan to tackle climate change.

A significant Extinction Rebellion protest took place in Manchester’s St. Peter’s Square today—and it looks like this will continue for the following two weeks. XR are asking for a tougher environmental action plan from the government.

It is thought that the protests will resume tomorrow, from around midday. Their protest on Friday, September 4 will also focus on the HS2 construction, with members set to occupy space along the tracks. This could see some commuter delays in the area from around 8am.

Extinction Rebellion plans to take to Media City in Salford the following day (September 5). They are also set to continue protests in more cities to make the climate fight heard across the country. They held a large protest outside Parliament Square in London this afternoon (September 1).

Manchester City council said in a statement that it “respects people’s right to peaceful protest and has been working alongside Greater Manchester Police and other agencies to ensure they can demonstrate safely.”

After calling traffic delays “inevitable”, they went on to say: “We declared a climate change emergency last month and we are determined to be at the forefront of tackling this critical issue. We have set an ambitious target of making Manchester a zero carbon city by 2038 or earlier – at least 12 years ahead of the national target – and we are working hard on a detailed action plan for how this will be achieved.”

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