Every Manchester Care Home Resident Has Now Had The First COVID-19 Vaccination

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Every Manchester Care Home Resident Has Now Had The First COVID-19 Vaccination

Amazing progress.

Every care home resident in Manchester has now been vaccinated, councillors have confirmed. The news comes as it’s revealed that 6.5 million people have now received the vaccine in total – over 470,000 of which have now had their second dose.

Local residents across 56 care homes were among those prioritised for the jabs as part of the first phase of the country’s roll-out. The second jabs to complete the vaccination cycle have been delayed nationwide, allowing for more people to receive initial immunity from the first jab.

Expressing pride for the work achieved, Councillor Bev Craig – executive member for adult health and wellbeing – said: “I am so proud of the work that has been going on throughout January to protect some of our most vulnerable residents.

“Alongside that we are already also seeing a really encouraging take up of the vaccine amongst care home staff, we cannot stress how important this is and we’d urge any staff member who is still unsure to talk to their colleagues who have already had it so they can see how easy and safe the process has been.

“They can book an appointment through their home managers and we really want to encourage them to take this opportunity as soon as possible. We all need to do our bit to help reduce the spread and keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.”

The vaccines were administered by local GPs and gtd healthcare, with assistance from Manchester Health and Care Commissioning Medicines Optimisation Team pharmacists and NHS community staff.

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