Dumpling Mad Mancunians Fear Asian Food Festival May Never Make It To Manchester

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Dumpling Mad Mancunians Fear Asian Food Festival May Never Make It To Manchester

A dumpling festival is coming to Manchester…and it isn’t being held in Dumplington.

In fact, no one knows where it will be.

Hosted by the reassuringly named We Love Asian Food, organisers of Manchester’s First Dumpling Festival have promised festival-goers the biggest and best variety of dumplings in Manchester, as well as the opportunity to hone their dumpling-making skills.

Delicious dumplings by kalyanipathak

The event, which was originally set to take place in July but has since been re-scheduled for October 13, was announced via Facebook in January and has attracted the interest of nearly 9,0000 enthusiasts, keen to celebrate their passion for miniature Asian food parcels.

The group are set to host an Asian food festival in London’s Spitalfield’s market this month, however distraught dumpling fans are concerned thefestival may never make its way to Manchester, as organisers have yet to release any information about the venue or the restaurants taking part.

The concerned foodies began asking questions when, following the opening of ticket registration in January, no further information had been released. Soon the seeds of doubt began to grow on the event page, and the cries of ‘will there be vegan options?’ were replaced with demands for more information about the venue.

Steamed dumplings taken by nomadbidhan

One Facebook user commented: “They’ve got hundreds of events set up using various different variations of “we love food” with even more on their website, more than any events company could hope to organise in a year.

“None of them state a venue and what’s more, when you click to book tickets they just ask for your email address.

“I look forward to hearing if any of the other events go ahead.”

A spokesman for We Love Asian Food took to Facebook to reassure the would-be festival-goers that the event would still be going ahead and explained that the delay was down to a ‘surge in popularity’.

She said:

“After the massive surge in popularity for our events since we launched, we made the decision to look for somewhere significantly larger than we originally had to accommodate everyone.

“We’ve also been contacted by so many amazing vendors, traders, chefs and restaurants that we’d kick ourselves if the location didn’t the event we envisage justice.

Our food festival series is going ahead in London this July, as promised with four weekends at Spitalfields market.”




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