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You Can Become A ‘Dog Cuddler’ At This Manchester Rescue Centre

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor of Secret Manchester

You Can Become A ‘Dog Cuddler’ At This Manchester Rescue Centre

I volunteer as tribute!

Sure, there are jobs out there that would take a whopping pay packet for some of us to even consider. But there’s also a number of jobs out there that we wouldn’t need to take a penny for – and all of them involve dogs. Just being in the vicinity of the friendly animals makes us 1000% happier, and now, pet-loving Mancs have been blessed with a golden opportunity to do just that.

Announcing a new role for a volunteer ‘Dog Cuddler’, Trafford-based Dogs 4 Rescue is on the hunt for loving locals to help out around the centre, calling out for bullie lovers, in particular, to get in touch.

Credit: Dogs 4 Rescue

The centre provides a cage-free home for dogs in need to live while searching for their “forever homes”, and aims “to challenge the perception many people hold towards rescue dogs”, while attempting to save as many dogs as possible. Championing a very humane approach to dog rescue, the centre accepts dogs of all breeds, sizes and physical abilities – with some adorable pups in their care requiring wheelchairs to get about.


Pups are cared for and socialised with the help of volunteers and foster families, while the team helps to find the perfect permanent home for some of their pooches. Unfortunately, given some of the horrific circumstances some of the dogs have come from, not all dogs are able to be rehomed, which is exactly where the volunteer Dog Cuddler will come into play – providing essential contact and socialisation for the animals that live at Dogs 4 Rescue.

Credit: Dogs 4 Rescue
Announcing the volunteer position on Facebook, Dogs 4 Rescue said: “Our staffies are recruiting for volunteer dog cuddlers 🥰 Grandson Charlie & friends are in need of some pawsonal staffy cuddlers. We the D4R staffies and bullies is looking for a special volunteer or volunteer team to help wiv cuddles, enrichment time and walkies. This is dream job for the right pawson who will get more than their fair share of staffy love and our joie de vive!”

Here’s the criteria:

  • Be passionate about all the bullie breeds and be prepared to give us your fullest attention (failure to do so will result in repeated paw nudges)
  • Enjoy big slobbery kisses and not mind a bit hot dog breath in your face
  • Be comfortable around large and clumsy love bugs who think they are hooman (becos we is little people)
  • Want to take us on walkies or out in the pram if that is what we need, and be okies wiv a bit of lead pulling sometimes
  • Engage wiv our very intelligent brains and make us work for those treatos (& give us all the treats we is allowed to have & maybe one more wivout telling Em)
  • Be confident playing games wiv us but not let us get too over excited (failure to comply may result in an accidental headbutt)
  • Be willing to work towards meeting more challenging dogs with full support from our fabbo staff
  • Enjoy listening to snoring and be okies breathing in trumps as you cuddle us (as this will definitely happen)
  • Have the patience of a saint (becos you will need it wiv Grandson Charlie) 🤣

Up for the task? Simply email the team at info@dogs4rescue.co.uk with an overview of your experience and why you’d like to volunteer, as well as a guideline of your availability. Volunteers must, of course, be able to travel to the centre in the M30 area.

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