Dishoom Has Launched Vegan Sausage Naan Kits So You Can Enjoy Them At Home

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Dishoom Has Launched Vegan Sausage Naan Kits So You Can Enjoy Them At Home

Enjoy the iconic breakfast in your own home.

Becoming a pandemic saviour during Lockdown 1.0, Dishoom has been brightening up our breakfasts for the past few months with their moreish bacon naans – the restaurant’s Eastern twist on the classic bacon butty – and now, they’re going vegan for Tier 4.

Hitting their website just last month, Dishoom has made available the newly invented vegan sausage naan, which was developed with Chef Neil Rankin of BBC’s Great British Menu. And just like the now-popular bacon naan kits, you’ll be able to bake it and make it at home with all the ingredients you’ll need to emulate the restaurant’s unique flavours.

Credit: Dishoom

Featuring ready-made dough to bake the perfect naan, “umani-enhancing” vegan sausages, vegan cream cheese, tomato-chilli jam and spices to create cups of Masala Chai – each kit includes enough for two breakfast naans, making for the perfect weekend meal packed full of flavour.

If that wasn’t all, with each kit purchased Dishoom will be making donations to the Magic Breakfast charity – an organisation that provides free meals to schools. The charity has a mission to provide children with “nourishing” meals, helping to keep them “undistracted by hunger, and ready to learn”.

Credit: Dishoom

Each vegan sausage naan kit costs £16 to feed two, including instructions for ‘first-timers’ to make your meal as fool-proof as possible. The kits are available to order now, and you can also pick up a Bacon Naan kit while you’re there, too.

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