This Fabulous Online Disco Bingo Night Is The Grooviest Route To A Full House

Alex Landon Alex Landon

This Fabulous Online Disco Bingo Night Is The Grooviest Route To A Full House

Disco Bingo takes traditional bingo and shoves it out onto the dancefloor.

Disco isn’t dead, and neither is bingo. In fact, the two have teamed up for an epic night of groovy tunes and spirited competition at Disco Bingo, which takes your grandma’s game and adds singing, dancing, and all kinds of madcap fun. Sounds like a hoot, right? Grab your tickets here to take part, and read on for more information.

The premise of Disco Bingo is simple: like regular bingo, you’ve got to fill lines and full houses to win prizes. The difference is, instead of waiting for numbers to be called out, you’re listening out for songs which match those on your bingo card. Of course, you’ll be highly encouraged to sing and dance along as the songs are played, but don’t get so into a rendition of Dancing Queen that you forget to claim your prize!


Disco Bingo runs on Saturdays throughout July and August, and the sessions are themed around different playlists. You can groove along to hits from the 70s to the 00s, or throw out shapes to the greatest wedding playlist of all time, all whilst trying to become a bingo champion. Best of all, your hosts are raising money for various charities and 10% of your ticket purchase will be going straight to the week’s chosen organisation. Singing and dancing, all for charity? Sign me up!

If learning some new moves is more your thing, you’ll wanna sign up to the Musical Bingo & Dance Party, where you’ll learn routines to Grease, Dirty Dancing, 00’s pop and more – all in between playing a fun game of bingo. Tickets can be purchased here.

Find your tickets to Disco Bingo here.