A Manchester Hotel Is Hosting A Two-Course Dinner Where Guests Can Dissect A ‘Human Body’

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A Manchester Hotel Is Hosting A Two-Course Dinner Where Guests Can Dissect A ‘Human Body’

The world’s only interactive dinner and dissection experience is coming to Manchester.

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The touring human body-based anatomy event made global headlines last year with their dinner and dissection event, and this year they’re promising to be bigger, better and more hands-on than ever! Working on real specimens using real surgeons tools, diners will discover the intricate structures and how they function to keep us alive, before having a go at corrective surgical procedures, using real kit on the specimens.

But if you’re hoping to embrace your inner Hannibal Lecter, this isn’t the event for you. Anatomy Lab Live 2019 is an educational experience aimed at strengthening medical practitioners’ understanding of how the human body works, although, members of the public are also invited to attend.

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The evening will start with a two-course meal, after which the drapes will go up (literally) and a fully working state of the art operating theatre will be revealed, along with the ‘patient’. Each table will be draped in full blue surgical drapes and a surgical trolley with clamps, scalpels and an array of surgeons tools will be provided.

Guests will be guided by nationally acclaimed human anatomist Samuel Piri and his team of clinicians as they systematically work their way through a complete dissection of the human body, attempting a variety of surgical techniques.

Paramedic Dan Jones attended the event last year, he said:

“We came as a group of paramedics.
“It was incredible to see the intestines as they would appear inside a human -something I’ll never forget.”

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And if you’re wondering how organisers managed to get their hands on so many bodies, worry not! The ‘cadavers’ and organs will be made from pig material, which is considered by the clinical team to be the closest to human flesh.

Bon Appetit!

When: January 26 – 27 and February 14.
Where: The Village Hotel, Pamir Drive, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Manchester, OL7 0LY. Find it on Google Maps.
Price: £76.05 – £916.89
More information: Fore more information or to book tickets visit the Anatomy Lab website.

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