David Walliams Is Releasing 30 Free Audio Books For Children

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David Walliams Is Releasing 30 Free Audio Books For Children

Day two of no school and already struggling to keep the kids entertained?

Don’t sweat it. David Walliams has swooped in and he has your back. The popular Britain’s Got Talent judge announced he would be releasing a whopping 30 story readings for free. [Featured Image: @dwalliams, Instagram]

Walliams will release one book per day over 30 days. It’s the perfect quarantine gift to bring some happiness into this dark period, as well as a much-needed distraction. Maybe it’ll even put the kids to sleep, if nothing else!

You’ll be able to find the link to David Walliams’ stories each day via his Twitter page. The first stories were “The Terrible Triplets”, followed by today’s rendition of “Spoiled Brad”.

“The Terrible Triplets” is part of David Walliams’ 2018 collection of tales entitled The World’s Worst Children 3. “Spoiled Brad” is part of this series’ second outing, released in 2016.

If the kids can’t get enough of his readings, then a host of children’s tales read by the man himself can be purchased online to serve anyone’s lockdown requirements. Find out more about each tale here. You can even get a sneak peek at each of ‘the worst children ever’!

While no one has any real idea of when children might return to the classroom, one thing is clear: David Walliams’ voice will definitely be calming the children of the nation for the next 29 days. Sorted.

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