April Fools! Strongbow Has Created A Dark Fruits-Inspired Fragrance

Laura O'Neill Laura O'Neill

April Fools! Strongbow Has Created A Dark Fruits-Inspired Fragrance

Pour les hommes, pour les femmes, pour le pint… it can only be the unmistakable scent of Fruit Noir

Up and down the country, people’s passion for Strongbow Dark Fruit knows no bounds. From ice-cream flavours to themed cakes and even tattoos, people in their hundreds of thousands display their passion for the purple pint in a myriad of ways.

Photo: Strongbow

Today, Strongbow proudly announced the impending launch of the fragrance Dark Fruit fans have been waiting for: Fruit Noir by Strongbow. The scent is set to be the must-have fragrance for Strongbow Dark Fruit fans this year.  Fans who sign up here will be the first to know when and where it’s available.

Emma Sherwood-Smith, Cider Director:


“Probably the greatest scent in the world – a freshly opened can of Strongbow Dark Fruit. Now men and women across the UK can carry that fragrance with them everywhere they go. To the office, to the gym, on public transport, at home in their pyjamas.

“Wow what’s that fragrance you’re wearing? It can only be Fruit Noir. We are thrilled to announce this limited run of this unmistakeable fragrance”

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