Dachshund Sprains His Tail After Excessive Wagging Because All His Humans Are Home

Georgie Hoole Georgie Hoole

Dachshund Sprains His Tail After Excessive Wagging Because All His Humans Are Home

Dogs bring us so much joy at the best of times — but in times of trouble, we need them more than ever.

Proving yet again that we do not deserve dogs, this lovely little dachshund has had the BEST WEEK EVER since all of his family starting working from home due to the coronavirus outbreak. In fact, it made him so happy that his little tail went into overdrive and caused a sprain.

The excited doggo’s owner Emma, who informs us that his name is Rolo, shared the news on Twitter on Friday morning: So my dog has been so happy that everyone is home for quarantine, that his tail has stopped working, so we went to the vet and the vet said ‘he had sprained his tail from excessively wagging it”

She followed up on the story pretty quickly after Rolo’s new fans showed concern, saying: Didn’t expect this happen, for those asking, he is currently on pain relief and the vet said he should be healed within a week, this is him on the 2nd day. He is super happy and there is now movement from side to side but he is struggling to lift it up in the air.”

#StaySafe, Rolo. You absolute hero.

Dogs are certainly the winners in this situation—getting to spend so much more time with their humans and being showered with treats and attention.

Dogless humans—or, more specifically, dogless renters—are absolutely outraged, however. Me included.

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