A Festive ‘Dachshund Disco’ With Pawsecco & Party Treats Is Coming To Manchester This November

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A Festive ‘Dachshund Disco’ With Pawsecco & Party Treats Is Coming To Manchester This November

It’s set to be a doggy rave like no other!

While the majority of us will know Revolution at Parsonage Gardens for its fantastic cocktail deals and music that’s just pleading to be danced to, dog lovers will know it as the home of the Dachshund Cafe, which pops up every now and then in the city, providing the perfect slobbery social for pooches to enjoy.

Returning with a festive ‘Dachshund Disco’, sausage dogs and their owners (as well as avid sausage dog fans!) will be able to meet fellow dog lovers and new four-legged friends, with an array of festivities planned for the special occasion.

Credit: Pug Cafe

Taking place on November 14th, the Dachshund Disco will feature a fun, light-up doggy dancefloor that’s perfect for photo-opps, as well as disco balls, glow sticks and so much more.

At the extended 80-minutes ‘off lead’ experience, pooches will also be able to tuck into free pupucchinos, dog-friendly mince pies, gingerbread cookies and more, with plenty of treats including cocktails, coffees and a whole menu of grub available for the hoomans, too. Organisers will also be bringing along a new and improved Pop + Bark Pupuccino Bar, too, meaning puppers on the day will be able to receive the real VIP (very important pup!) treatment.

All daxies are welcome at the event – big, small, cross-breed, puppy or oldie – all organisers ask is that your pooch is well-behaved (or at least, on the right side of naughty!).

Credit: Pug Cafe

Organiser Anushka Fernando says: “Our Dachshund Disco is the ultimate feel-good event this party season. It’s for all dachshunds, dachshund owners and dog lovers alike to enjoy. We all know how much sausage dogs love to meet other sausages so why not treat them to their Best Day Ever.

“An exciting day out, lots to sniff and explore on the journey there, a land full of treats and zoomies with fellow dachshunds AND a whole lot of attention and fuss from our dog-loving guests. It’s a dog’s dream! After lockdown, we’ve seen a huge rise in puppies so it’s important owners socialise these ‘lockdown pups’ and expose them to a variety of dogs, people and new experiences. Our breed-specific events are perfect as dogs love being with their own breed – it gives them the confidence to play and explore.

“We can’t wait to be back in Manchester after 2 years with our brand new concept. Dachshund Disco is the ultimate party for dogs, there’s a light-up doggy dance floor and lots more surprises. As it’s the start of Christmas there’ll also be the chance to meet Santa Paws and get lots of photos with him so –let’s get the party started!”

Tickets can be purchased here.

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