Cyprus Will Pay For Tourist’s Holiday Costs If They Fall Ill With Coronavirus

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Cyprus Will Pay For Tourist’s Holiday Costs If They Fall Ill With Coronavirus

Cyprus has pledged to cover holiday costs for tourists who get infected with COVID-19 while visiting.

Despite the degree of uncertainty that lies within the travel industry, many popular destinations have pledged to make sure their borders will be open for visitors this summer. These include ItalySpainThailandPortugal and Greece.

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Other spots, including Sicily and Japan, have gone a step further: encouraging tourists to visit with incentives such as contributing to travelling fees. And Cyprus has joined this group. Well, sort of.

If you fancy a sunny destination this summer but are understandably worried, Cyprus wishes to quell those fears. They have promised to cover the costs of accommodation, food, travel and medicine bills for anyone that contracts COVID-19. Visitors would, however, be required to pay for their travel home.

The entire nation of Cyprus has recorded 17 deaths, and under 1,000 confirmed cases since the outbreak. Cyprus is set to begin opening its borders today (June 9) to countries considered “safe”, such as Germany and Greece. Deputy Tourist Minister Savvas Perdios suggested holidaymakers from Britain could be permitted to travel to Cyprus in July.

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They have also set aside a hospital for tourists who contract the virus, with a number of “quarantine hotels” also being made available.

So, by July Britons may have another destination to add to the list of socially-distant possibilities this summer.

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