This Manchester Warehouse Will Be Converted Into A New Events Space With Outdoor Terraces And A Cinema

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This Manchester Warehouse Will Be Converted Into A New Events Space With Outdoor Terraces And A Cinema


CULTUREPLEX, a new social and cultural destination with a restaurant, lounge, coffee counter, events spaces with outdoor terraces, and cinema will be opening in Ducie Street Warehouse on the edge of Manchester’s Northern Quarter in July 2019.

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Brought to Manchester by BISTROTHEQUE founders Pablo Flack and David Waddington, the destination will be made up of a number of units, including a coffee counter which will serve fresh, healthy(ish) food and juices by day, then natural wines and craft beer by night.

As well as an 80-seater restaurant with an expansive open kitchen and a small but highly specced cinema. There will also be a vast central all-day space to work, lounge and dine, and three adaptable meeting and event spaces for more selective gatherings.

Pablo Flack said:

“The idea of a CULTUREPLEX had been kicking around in my mind for a little while and on seeing the space for the first time, I immediately thought, ‘and this is it’. But the space
is just the starting point, what it becomes will be determined by the people that now interact with it. Our job is not to tell Manchester what’s interesting, it’s to create a space for the people of the city to tell us.

“We’re very excited to be working with Katie Popperwell on programming and have every faith that
Manchester, with its strong cultural foundations, is the perfect home for CUTLUREPLEX. On a personal level, as a Huddersfield born, ex-Manchester resident, it’s great to be back up North and
spending time in what has become an exciting, engaging and ambitious city.”

David Waddington said:

“I grew up in a very rural part of the North West, and at that time Manchester was a strong influence. I’d make pilgrimages to institutions like Cornerhouse and shops like Creme. Returning to the city now, the culture, style and enthusiasm is ever present, and I’m looking forward to CULTUREPLEX being a part of that.”

Founders say they want CULTUREPLEX to be thought of as a ‘space for cultural experimentation’ rather than a traditional curatorial space, with community at the centre of the project. With this in mind, programme director Katie Popperwell and the team will deliver a quarterly themed programme of events and new commissions across film, performance, visual arts and craft.

Katie Popperwell says:

‘Manchester’s cultural infrastructure is in the midst of massive change, with F&B a more and more central part of the picture for many institutions. We’re flipping the model of a cultural space, allowing us to be playful with our programme, and really listen to the needs of the creative community.’

Located on the Western end of Ducie Street, overlooking the Piccadilly Basin, CULTUREPLEX will be based on the ground floor of former goods warehouse, Ducie Street Warehouse, making it the latest of the city’s heritage buildings to be given a new lease of life.

The interior will be designed by Loren Day from New York-based studio, LOVEISENOUGH. Founders say the space will take inspiration from Manchester’s great libraries and halls, traditionally seen as places of aspiration, democracy and community. And will celebrate the industrial
heritage of the building, leaving original structural features intact.

CULTUREPLEX will open in Ducie Street Warehouse in July 2019. Check back here for more information.


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