Crazy Pedros Has Announced Its Christmas Special – And It Sounds Amazing

Laura O'Neill Laura O'Neill

Crazy Pedros Has Announced Its Christmas Special – And It Sounds Amazing

The Crazy Pedro’s Christmas special is finally here!

The moment we have all been waiting for boys and girls, the Crazy Pedro’s Christmas special is here – introducing Pie Hard – welcome to the party, pal!

You could say the Crazy Pedro’s Christmas special has become a bit of a legend, so it comes as no surprise that this year it takes inspiration from arguably one of the most legendary Christmas films of all time, you know the one yeah? As Detective McClane lands in LA to spend Christmas with his wife, he learns of hostage situation in an office building…and you know how it goes!

Pie Hard, just like the film is an action thriller of a pizza, you are not ready for this – a festive
pizza like no other made with custard, mozzarella cheese, mince pie, whiskey cream and cranberry sauce.

Christmas is the time to go all out and we’ve gone BIG this year, so no matter where you are, how old you are or if you have feet smaller than your sister, you need to head to your nearest Crazy Pedro’s and grab a slice, or if you’re ready to Pie Hard another day, how about a whole one to yourself?

One taste of Pie Hard and you’ll be skipping down the street shouting yippee-ki-yay at the top of your lungs, go on, you’ve been good this year.

Pie Hard is available now in full pizza or by the slice daily at all Pedro’s…

Join us here at Crazy Pedro’s where the party never ends. Open 7 days a week from 12pm to 4am, you can start at lunchtime with our special lunch offer: two slices and a drink for £5 or get a beer for an extra pound available from 12pm to 3pm, and stay until the late am –plus we’ve got the best Mezcal in town to keep you going.

No bookings, no table service, just head straight to the bar and order away – no drama, all
chills. Hasta La Pizza baby!

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