Coldplay’s Biggest Hits Will Be Performed By Candlelight At Manchester Cathedral

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Coldplay’s Biggest Hits Will Be Performed By Candlelight At Manchester Cathedral

We’ve got a real treat for fans of iconic band Coldplay. You may have thought you’d heard all the medleys/remixes/reworks of the band’s biggest tunes in the last 25 years, but well, we’ve got something a little different! Candlelight: A Tribute To Coldplay will see many fan favourite anthems performed by a talented pianist and exquisite violinist under the glow of candlelight. Intrigued? Don’t Panic, there are three dates to choose from across the next few months, and tickets are available now.

candlelight Taking to the stage at centuries-old Manchester Cathedral will be pianist Tim Abel and violinist Matthew Glossop, who will perform two 65-minute concerts on three different evenings; the concerts will take place on December 29, 2021, February 7, and April 1, 2022. so you’re sure to find a show that best suits your schedule. Expect to be transported through years of Coldplay’s back catalogue, and hear songs such as Fix You, Paradise, The Scientist, and many many more.

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The venue will be just as impressive as the show itself. Manchester Cathedral’s stunning architecture will shine bright under the beautiful candlelight, with its gothic features, stained glass windows and gold detailing. Despite the grandeur of the building, the show will still have an intimate ambience, an ideal accompaniment to the music. The 600-year-old, Grade I-listed building is still a running parish today, making the experience all the more special. So, grab a ticket today for this easy listening concert. Long live life (Viva la Vida) and long live Coldplay!

Candlelight: A Tribute to Coldplay

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