This Massive Clock In NYC Is Now Counting Down Until Climate Change Disaster

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This Massive Clock In NYC Is Now Counting Down Until Climate Change Disaster

We have approximately seven years before the consequences of climate change reach a deadline, according to the newly programmed countdown clock in Union Square, New York.

When passing through the famed park, there’s no chance locals will miss the gigantic metronome clock towering over the Union Square. What used to project the time of day, since 1999, has been reset as of September 19 to count down humankind’s time left to deter the destructive consequences of climate change.

In honour of Climate Week running from September 21-September 27th, this Climate Clock tells onlookers that there is roughly seven years and a little over 100 days before we burn through our “carbon budget.” This deadline speaks to the amount of time humankind has left to take bold action against global warming and prevent passing the 1.5 degrees Celsius threshold of pre-industrial levels, based on predictions from the Mercator Research Institute of Global Commons and Climate Change.

“The clock is a way to speak science to power,” said project co-founder Andrew Boyd, in a statement on EcoWatch. “This metronome reset is to put pressure towards worldwide action in curbing global warming. Having this daunting display located on such a grand scale speaks to the imminent climate crisis our world is currently facing amongst the COVID-19 pandemic. People all across the country are facing devastating disasters caused by climate change including the Gulf Coast floods and West Coast wildfires.”

Gan Golan, the project originator, explained that this countdown is less of an alarm clock and more of a stopwatch. The time to take action began yesterday, so to speak. Those behind the Climate Clock make note that we can only burn so much carbon until the world is struck with famine, floods, and disaster. Ultimately, humans must transition to more sustainable practices to save the planet and this centrally located clock serves as that reminder.

Golan explained that the clock is meant to synchronise everyone, everywhere, on a timeline to be a “lifeline” for the planet, saying it’s essential for mankind to understand the dangers of climate change and how to take action against it. Learn more about the science behind the clock and resources to make a difference at climateclock.world.

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