The First Phase Of The City Centre-Chorlton Cycleway Is Underway

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The First Phase Of The City Centre-Chorlton Cycleway Is Underway

£13.4 million is being invested in the new route

The first phase of the new walking and cycling route from Manchester city centre to Chorlton started on Monday (November 11).

The initial work will focus on the stretch of the route between Chester Road roundabout to Stretford Road, including the creation of an innovative CYCLOPS junction at Royce Road.

The work begins following a major consultation over the summer that received more than 1,800 responses with a majority of people supportive of the scheme.

Responding to residents comments during the consultation, segregated cycle lanes will be a key element of the project to help keep cyclists safe on the roads and encourage more people to choose cycling over their cars.

The initial phase will have little impact on traffic, as the majority of the work will be to the footpaths, to build in the segregated cycleway.

The work on the CYCLOPS junction at Royce Road will commence in the New Year.

Further review and public engagement sessions are planned to consult on elements of the wider route through to Chorlton. Residents will be made aware of these opportunities.

£13.4 million is being invested in the new route, which is being proposed by Manchester City Council, the One Trafford Partnership, Transport for Greater Manchester and Greater Manchester’s Cycling and Walking Commissioner, with funding from the Greater Manchester Mayor’s Challenge Fund and the government’s Cycle Cities Ambition Grant.

Photo: Manchester City Council

Executive Member for the Environment, Planning and Transport, Councillor Angeliki Stogia, said:

“It’s fantastic to see this major scheme start on site. By creating better crossings and segregated routes, we will make it safer and more convenient for our residents to walk and cycle, which will help us clean up our air, as well as support our journey to becoming a carbon-neutral city by 2038.

“We have listened to our residents and businesses throughout this process, amending and changing the scheme to take into account comments made through the consultation process and we will continue to talk to residents as future phases come online.”

Greater Manchester’s Cycling and Walking Commissioner, Chris Boardman said:

“Seeing this first phase of works get underway is a very exciting step forward in our ambition to enable people to walk and ride around Greater Manchester in comfort and safety.  When complete, the Chorlton to Manchester route will allow thousands of people to leave the car at home when making the short journey to the city centre.

“Intimidating junctions are often the reason people don’t choose to travel on foot or by bike, which is why separating people from motor traffic, as is the case with the Royce Road junction, is so important if people are to feel they have a genuine choice not to drive. Well done Manchester City Council!”

Cllr Steve Adshead, Trafford Council’s Executive member for Environment, Air Quality and Climate Change, said:

“This is great news for cyclists and pedestrians.  We have great ambitions across Greater Manchester to encourage more people to cycle and walk and this scheme is a huge step forward.

“We all know the health benefits of cycling over driving as well as taking more traffic off our roads therefore making cyclists safe whilst on busy highways is important and this scheme will significantly improve the experience of new and existing cyclists.”

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