A Magical Chocolate Factory Full Of Pure Imagination Is Coming To Manchester

Chloe Byrne Chloe Byrne - Staff Writer

A Magical Chocolate Factory Full Of Pure Imagination Is Coming To Manchester

Remember that feeling of stepping into a candy shop as a child? Eyes lighting up at the multicoloured swirls of giant lollies, tongue practically fizzing at the mere sight of sherbet and lips being licked at the drool-worthy array of chocolate bars. Well, The Chocolate Factory is here to throw you back to those good old days. The wondrous photo experience takes you into an amazing world of sweets, providing limitless selfie opportunities and plenty of delicious treats along the way.

Make sure you’re ahead of the crowds and get your tickets before they’re gone.

At The Chocolate Factory, you’ll discover a sweet-filled utopia that seems like it has been plucked straight from the sugar-fuelled imagination of a child. Photo opportunities await around every single corner so you’ll want to dig your phone out of your pocket and have it at the ready, especially if you’re looking to juice up your Instagram feed.

One moment you could find yourself stumbling into the pages of Hansel and Gretel as you wander among giant gingerbread houses, the next you could be launching yourself into a fluorescent pit of balls (the perfect place for a bit of slo-mo goodness) or bouncing on oversized cupcakes. You can even roam through the enticing wilderness of a lollipop forest, just be sure to watch your head when gazing up into the branches as the dangling confectionary is in full bloom. Plus, if you really fancy yourself a photographer, there are social media competitions to win prizes with the best picture.


After exploring the colourful creations of Chocolate Town, Cloudland and the Cupcake Room, your final stop inside The Chocolate Factory itself will allow you to taste all the tantalising treats you’ve glimpsed during your visit. Think lollipops, chocolates, gummy bears – basically anything your sweet-loving brain can think of. The Chocolate Factory has already taken London and Madrid by storm, and Manchester is next in line to experience this unique wonderland of delectable delights at a secret location in the city centre.

Whether it’s a nostalgic trip induced by the recent announcement of that new Willy Wonka film, an excuse for an Instagram-worthy photo session or a day out with the kids, this Chocolate Factory gives you a chance to indulge in something sweet. The cherry drop on top of all this? It may even help you stop wistfully dreaming of those sweet, simpler times spent perusing the Woolworth’s pick-n-mix. Those were the days.

Tickets to The Chocolate Factory are on sale now, and you can get yours here.

The Chocolate Factory: Step into a World of Sweets!

March 4, 2022 4:30 PM
Secret Location Manchester
From £13.50
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